Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Youtuber of the Month - The SacconeJolys

Hi, sorry for the quality of my posts, I explained in my last post which you can find HERE. Last month I forgot to post my youtuber review, so anyway I have been really loving the SacconeJolys Youtube Videos, you can check them out HERE, and i thought I would write this month's post about them.

Until recently i had only seen the SacconeJolys in Zoe and Alfie's Vlogs, but then I realised I should probably subscribe to them and I did.

The SacconeJolys are a family made up of Anna, Jonathon and their two lovely children, Emelia who is nearly 3, and Eduardo who has just turned 1. Of course not forgetting their 6 maltese dogs: Bianca, Albi, Sina, Theo, Nivea and Nuvola. They are a really cute family who have moved from Ireland to London. Their Youtube Channel consists of daily vlogs where they show their viewers the everyday normal life.

To begin with I love their accents, I have a really big soft spot for Irish accents, especially in men, I don't really know why, but anyway, Jonathon's accent is perfect. Also their children are incredibly cute, and I have enjoyed watching them grow up, like Eduardo learning to walk. Jonathon is quite funny and never fails to make me smile.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my post. Do you like the SacconeJolys?

Until Next Time, Katie x


  1. I've never watched a video of theirs, only seen them feature in Zoe's vlogs but they seem like a cute family
    Dalal xx

    1. That's where I first saw them, they are adorable together xx

  2. I've never watched them, I must bring myself to soon, they look like such a perfect family! x