Friday, 29 January 2016

January Blues

Hey, long time no see. I know I said I would try to post more but circumstances got in the way this month.

Sadly at the start of this month my Nana passed away, I used to see her every week and I was talking to her the day before she
 died, this has made it really hard for me.  I've spent this month grieving and coming to terms with the fact I'll never see her again . This and the funeral just have meant i havent been in a great mood at all this month.

Also added onto this is that I had my A level mocks, they didn't go as well as I wante
d but my mind was on other things. I ended up with A,B,C,D and all though I'm very happy with the A I know the other exams could have gone so much better.

I've spent January with my friends and family who have helped me through this really hard time. Consequently I have found neither the time or passion to write a blog post, I hope you understand. I'm hoping that I'll start writing more this next month. I'm not promising that though, you all know what I'm like. 

How has your January been?

Until Next time, Katie x