Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A little Catch-Up

Hi, I am sorry that this is up later than usual, I thought it had saved, well obviously not and I have had to write it again.I wanted to just give you a little up-date on my life and blog at the minute. I am sorry about the lack of posting recently, i have been trying to balance school work and my blog but I am really struggling. As you might know I am in year 11 and doing my GCSE's later this year and they take priority. So I hope you understand that although I will try to post twice a week, sometimes that might not be possible because I have a lot of revision and homework for school.

If you have read my last post, you may know that I have been in hospital for an operation on my ear, the doctors think it went well. If you have any questions about going into hospital and having an operation, I would love to answer them, so leave them below.

The second thing, I have been looking to try some new beauty products from the "drugstore" and I was wondering whether any of my lovely readers could recommend any beauty products that are worth trying. As I am also looking forward to doing some reviews and tutorials.

Me and and my sister love baking, and we bake every week together. It is my favourite thing to do to relax and de-stress. I was wondering whether you would like to see some blog posts on baking and on some of my favourite recipes, because that is something I would love to do.

These are some of the things we have baked over the last year. I hope you enjoy the photos.

As always thank you for reading, I am hoping to get back on track with my posts soon. If you have any recommendations, questions or ideas for further  blog posts, please leave them in the comments. 

Katie Hopkinson

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