Friday, 27 March 2015

Inspirational Assembly

Hi, sorry I haven't posted in a while, i have been extremely busy with revision. But after today I was inspired to write  quick little blog post.

So today my Head Teacher gave a very emotional and personal assembly about his father's cancer. Most of the year ended up crying as we could see that is was hard for him to talk to over 200 year 11's about something so personal. He is truly one of my biggest inspirations and will continue to be throughout my whole adult life. He is not just a head teacher, he knows us all on a very personal level, he can have a laugh with us and he can trust us to respect him.

What really got to me was the end of the assembly. He was talking to us about what we should learn from his experiences in life, it made me look at my life and want to change. I think this is something that everyone needs to hear. He told us to not take anything for granted, to live in this moment and have no regrets because we only have one chance to get it right and it's only us who can make that happen. To appreciate everyone who is here for us, as you never know what might happen and you may never get to say thanks for everything that they have done.

So what I want you to do is to go and tell someone how much they mean to you right now as it is not said enough and there may be a time where it is too late. Appreciate everything you have now and live life to the fullest.

My head teacher had an extremely powerful affect on me today and he has changed my outlook on life. He is such and inspirational person and speaker and I will always remember him for that.

Thanks for reading my little post, leave your opinions in the comments.

Until Next Time- Katie x


  1. Aw I wish my head teacher was nice like that, mine is a bit uptight.
    Dalal xx,

    1. I'm really lucky to have someone who genuinely cares about us all, most of my teachers are like that x