Sunday, 13 December 2015

My Top 10 Christmas Films

Hey, we're nearly half way through December and it's definitely acceptable to start watching Christmas films, although to be honest I watch Christmas films all year round, there's really nothing better. So here are my top 10 Christmas films to watch this year.

 A Miracle on 34th Street

This is by far my all time favourite film, I watch it every single year and I could just watch it over and over again. I love the story and the message that it gives.

The Holiday

This is one of the films that I could just watch all year round, it has a great story and a great cast and I just love the whole feel of it.

Love Actually
A lot of peoples favourite Christmas film, so many different stories which all end up being related in the end. So many well known actors are in it, and it's just a perfect film to get you in the holiday spirit.

Fred Claus
This is a film I love to watch with my little brother around Christmas, we watch it every single year. I love the story and also the message that it gives.

Elf is such a great comedy film to watch at Christmas, it never fails to make me laugh and it's a film that you can just watch over and over again.

The Grinch

Such a classic Christmas film, which my dad actually showed me for the first time.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer
I don't know whether this is a very well known film, but it used to be my absolute favourite thing to watch when I was younger.

Deck The Halls
This is such a funny film, which I like to watch with all of my family every year.

I had completely forgotten about this film until Amy in the secret blogger project chat reminded me, I really love the first and second films, I am yet to see the third one. But they have such great actors in it. 

Home Alone
I remember watching this in school around Christmas time, I used to love this film and I still do. 

What's your favourite Christmas Film?

Until next time, Katie x 


  1. I really need to watch some of these. Nativity 3 is awful though, I couldn't watch all of it, haha! One of my favourite Xmas films is A Christmas Princess which no one ever knows about!

    Tash x

    1. Haha, that's good to know. And I've never heard of it, i'll I've to check it out x

  2. I love nativity so much, expecially the first one! It was on BBC earlier and I watched it xx

  3. Miracle on 34th street is also really good aswell xx

    1. It's definitely my all time favourite Christmas film x

  4. Nativity is amaazzinnggg, and Home alone and elf and basically all the films you've listed haha
    Dalal x

    1. Haha, you really can't beat a good Christmas film x

  5. I live for Home Alone, it doesn't feel like christmas if we don't watch it!

    1. I haven't watched it in ages, but I'm going to have to watch it again xx

  6. All of these films are my favourites, i think it's time to start rewatching them! x

    1. Same for me, I'm going to try and watch them all again before Christmas haha x

    2. Same for me, I'm going to try and watch them all again before Christmas haha x

  7. Elf is definitely my favourite Christmassy film. Love your blog by the way, have a good Christmas! xx