Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Hi, so I thought I would do sort of a chatty type of post about compliments. I hope you enjoy.

To be honest I don't really get a lot of complements usually. But recently people have started to comment on my hair, as I like to wear quite unique hairstyles. All though this is only a small thing, every time someone says something nice to me it boosts my confidence and I feel a little bit happier with myself. It's because if you start accepting compliments then you start to believe in them yourself.

I think that we need to compliment each other more, because we rarely ever tell people what we really think. This could brighten up someone's day and make them a lot happier.

I thought that all of my lovely readers could just go out tomorrow and compliment someone on something you like about them, it doesn't have to be something big but it would be nice to brighten someone else's day and it might make you feel better too.

Please comment on this post telling me who you have complemented as I would really like to hear.

Thanks for reading
Until Next Time, Katie x

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