Sunday, 15 February 2015

Youtuber of the Month - Miss Budget Beauty

Hi, This Month I am going to be reviewing Mikhila AKA Miss Budget Beauty. Over the last month I haven't had a of time to watch some of my favourite Youtubers, but I came across Miss Budget Beauty and watched a ton of her videos and I haven't missed one since.

Mikhila makes videos about cheaper Make Up and beauty brands and reviews a lot of products. This is extremely helpful because as a teenager I don't really have a lot of money to spend on Make up and I often go to the drugstore brands. Mikhila makes it feel okay to not have all of the MAC and Sephora products because as long as we feel happy it doesn't matter what brands we are wearing.

Mikhila also has a blog and another Youtube channel where she talks more about High End products. She stands out from other Beauty Vloggers because her reviews are always honest and she can honestly give very specific reviews regarding the products. She makes it a lot easier to be a teenager.

Thanks for reading, what do you think of Miss Budget Beauty?

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